Moderate Screen Time Benefits Kids' Wellbeing, But Be Careful Not To Exceed

Admin | Published 2017-01-16 03:30
Kids today is impossible to live without gadgets. Most of us are under the power of screens, and so does the young generation. However, experts say, device use isn't all bad. With moderate use, it may even improve children's wellbeing. In a research published in the journal Psychological Science, experts learned the benefits of screen time to children. They studied the self-reported data from 120,000 English 15-year-olds about their digital device habits. Researchers found that device use in children may cause a "Goldilocks effect." The authors referred to the version of this fairy story in which Goldilocks discovers that the best porridge is neither too hot nor too cold. Experts said that in the first or second hours of screen time, the children's wellbeing is boosted. They found that within a particular span of device use, a positive effect on children takes place: Video games: One hour 40 minutes Smartphone use: One hour 57 minutes Watching TV and films: Three hours 41 minutes Using computers: Four hours 17 minutes However, in a study conducted among nearly 300,000 English 15-year-olds, researchers found that spending more than the moderate time may result to negative effects in children. "We found that the negative effect of screen time was about a third of the size as not getting regular sleep or a regular breakfast," co-author Andrew Przybylski from the University of Oxford told the BBC. Experts say that this study may help parents find solution regarding their children's device use. Some guardians are strict when it comes to screen time of the kids. The study's results imply, it may be more beneficial to negotiate longer sessions and suggest alternative activities for them, instead.

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