The Earth Once Had A Dozen Of Moons

Admin | Published 2017-01-12 08:47
The moon has inspired poets, lyricists, artists and many other creators to create. Beautifully placed on a dark, contrasting night, the moon gives a hint of tranquil light every day the dusk bites. But as we look up and appreciate its elegance, some of us may have wondered: how was the moon created? Previous theories say that the moon was made when a Mars-like planet impacted the Earth, and chipped off a piece of both. The pieces taken from the impactor and our planet, merged, was stuck in the Earth's orbit, and became our current moon. However, recent researches debunk the former conclusions. In a study conducted by lead author Raluca Rufu, Assistant Prof. Hagai Perets of the Technion, and Prof. Oded Aharonson, they ran 800 simulations of impacts with the Earth. In a report published in Nature Geoscience, experts said the moon was created from several collisions to Earth, resulting to numerous moons that formed as one. Meaning, our current luna is made up of several moons joined as one. ”It’s likely that small moons formed through the process could cross orbits, collide and merge”, said Rufu, and Perets to Astrobio. “A long series of such moon-moon collisions could gradually build-up a bigger moon – the Moon we see today,” they added. These theories prove that the serene-looking moon is actually a result of numerous violence it endured. Just its craters are marks of continuous impacts it receives from asteroids, as well as how it was formed. Maybe, its flaws and story adds to its charm and mystery.
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