Metal Lock Vs Liquid Nitrogen: Which Wins?

Admin | Published 2017-01-12 07:43
Subjecting nitrogen to extremely low temperature will turn it into liquid. This is how liquid nitrogen is produced. This same substance is also the main tool in cryonic preservation. A processed used in maintaining the normal state of tissues and cells. Some studies say, it may be the key to human immortality. Liquid nitrogen is also used in the food industry. It isn't poisonous, but freezes food and drinks quick, so it's used to some desserts. Liquid nitrogen is also part of spacecraft construction. In this video, however, liquid nitrogen is used to know if we can use it in our daily lives. Such as, in times we forgot to carry the key, and couldn't open the lock. Isn't this some kind of James Bond trick? During MrGear's experiment, he poured liquid nitrogen to soft samples first. He used the substance in vegetables and chicken meat, which clearly showed how liquid nitrogen turned the products to brittle objects. What if he pours the liquid nitrogen to a material made with pure metal? Will it change its composition? Will a chemical reaction occur? Will it result in a massive, destructive explosion? We don't know. MrGear solved the conundrum with his brave heart and curiosity. As he pours and soaks a lock in liquid nitrogen, let's altogether get answers from this YouTube video that has more than 3 million hits! Liquid nitrogen versus a lock? Will it break, or will it bore us all? Closely watch and know!  
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