Why Most Of Us Are Right-Handed Lies On Human Teeth

Admin | Published 2017-01-12 03:56
When we meet people who are left-handed, we already know something is wrong. Just kidding. It's just that, only 10% of the population are left-handed. Seldom, rare people. Have you ever asked yourself, why? Most of us are right-handed for a reason, right? If you thought the same, you're correct. Almost all have a dominant right hand because of human evolution. In a recent study, experts believed that handedness played an important role in human evolution. Researchers discovered the earliest evidence of this part of human development by investigating the marks on the teeth. You may ask, why study teeth fossils? Why not hand, since we're talking about handedness? Patience, child, you're about to hear. It's because teeth remain intact longer than the other bones in the body. Also, because the teeth had noticeable marks significant for the study!

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Researchers have seen striations on the front side of teeth belonging to European Neanderthals. They concluded that these marks were made when the stone tool strikes the teeth occasionally. Experts say that when creating tools, ancestors held a material in one hand and gripped between the front teeth and worked by the other hand with a stone tool.

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Brain laterisation also plays a part. Because the left hemisphere controls language and motor abilities, our ancestors created tools using the right-hand. "Multiple lines of evidence point to the likelihood that brain reorganization, tool use and handedness occur early in our lineage. One specimen does not make an incontrovertible case, but as more research is done and more discoveries are made, we predict that right-handedness, cortical reorganization and language capacity will be shown to be important components in the origin of our genus," according to the study. Humans are the only species who have a dominant hand. This only proves, people, more than any creature in the animal kingdom, are the weirdest. Think of it, only one hand does the most work all the time, while the other just sits there, doing nothing.
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