You Ended Up With Your Spouse Because Of Your DNA, Not Destiny

Admin | Published 2017-01-10 07:15
Are there times you're still wondering why you're with your spouse? Why of all people, you ended up marrying this very person? Well, experts say there's no one to blame but your DNA. Apparently, study says serendipity may not be completely true, or real. According to researchers, we don't choose our partners by accident, but by how our DNA is arranged. Experts say that similar genes attract and look for one another. And that's how every love story begins. Matthew Robinson, a postdoc in the lab of geneticist Peter Visscher at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, and colleagues conducted the study. They used massive databases where information on human physical and genetic traits are filed. They used the calculations among more than 24,000 pairs of husbands and wives of European ancestry. Experts learned that there's a "strong statistical correlation" between people’s genetic markers for height and the actual height of their partner. Meaning, people had actively chosen partners with similar genes to themselves. The study is published in Nature Human Behaviour. As part of the study, the researchers also used assortative mating in other traits, such as years of education. They gathered information from 7780 couples in a U.K. database. They looked for the connection of genetic markers linked to years of education, and found a strong correlation. However, it doesn't mean that people choose partners based on years of education, but select the ones with similar interests, which are associated with level of education, Robinson says. The results suggest that mate choice “affects the genomic architecture of traits in humans,” Robinson reported in the paper. Meaning, choosing a partner with similar genes strengthens the likelihood of acquiring a trait, whether it’s a disease such as schizophrenia or a physical trait, such as height.
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