Shocking Harm Brought By Video Games And TV To Your Son's Mental Development, Exposed!

Admin | Published 2017-01-09 03:47
Though according to several studies, particular video games and television shows can be beneficial to the brain. Some experts say it can improve hand-eye coordination. However, a new study states that these hobbies may be linked to emotional and behavioral problems among growing boys. A recent research from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute found the connection of electronic media to mental development of boys aging eight to nine years. Based on the research published in Academic Pediatrics, during the late childhood of young males, playing video games and watching TV can negatively affect their behavior. “This is an important age group to study, because it’s the age at which children’s use of media begins to escalate,” Dr Mundy explained to MCRI. “It’s also an age at which children are highly sensitive, due to the huge biological, psychological and emotional development, which occurs during this phase of life,” she added. For the study, experts gathered reports from the parents of 876 8-9 year olds. They were given a questionnaire where they detailed their child's emotions and behavior during electronic media use. Researchers learned that when a boy plays an average of 2 hours per day per week is 2.6 times at greater risk of having emotional problems. Additionally, watching an average of 2 hours per day per week (14 hours each week) puts boys at 1.7-times greater odds of having hyperactivity/inattention problems. While, girls of the same age didn't have the same effect. Though, the connection of video games and mental development is still unclear, experts believe that the study is significant to kid's development toward adolescence. “What’s important to note is how the nature of the media affects the experience,”Dr Mundy adds. “We know that at this age, playing video games tends to be a solitary experience, whereas watching TV is more likely to occur with the family.” Parents, you may now want to take back that PS4 you gave to your kid last Christmas. You can always give it back when he reached 10, maybe?  
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