Mind-Blowing Collision of Stars Will Be Visible in 2022!

Admin | Published 2017-01-07 20:44

Scientists in Michigan predict the birth of a new star which will burst its light through the night sky in 2022.

Almost two thousand years ago, a collision of two stars, binary star KIC9832227 gave birth to a new star, making the explosive birth of the 'Boom Star'. Scientists predict that the light from that collision will reach earth.

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It will start as a dim star in the night sky. But the rare event will light up that part of the sky so brightly in constellation Cygnus in 2022. The star burst from the Red Nova can only be witnessed through a telescope. The star will dim out in six months and will stay in its regular brightness for 2-3 years. The prediction was made in Calvin College, Michigan. It's the first time for scientists to predict the birth of a new star. “If we see the star blow, we’re gonna see what happened a thousand years ago,” says Larry Molnar, astronomy professor at Calvin College. “If Larry’s prediction [about the new star] is correct, his project will demonstrate for the first time that astronomers can catch certain binary stars in the act of dying, and that they can track the last few years of a stellar death spiral up to the point of final, dramatic explosion,” stated Dr MatthewWalhout, dean for research and scholarship at Calvin College. In 2008, scientists documented the birth of a new star V1309 Scorpi. Source: telegraph.co.uk See: Failed Stars’ Wonderland of Clouds Host Life in Distant Solar System!
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