This Drone Ambulance Will Revolutionize Emergency Rescue Operations in 2020!

Admin | Published 2017-01-06 00:17

An emergency drone of an Israeli tech firm has finally gotten its first automated solo flight preparing its release to the market by 2020.

The Cormorant, which was previously called the 'Air Mule' started its development in 2001 at a large hanger in Yavne, central Israel. For 15 years of development, the drone vehicle can carry passengers, but to how many exactly- that is still left undisclosed. But the drone is the size of a family car.

A prototype of the Cormorant, a drone, is pictured at Urban Aeronautics' workshop in Yavne, Israel December 22, 2016. REUTERS/Amir Cohen

It can transport 500 kg or half a tonne of weight while traveling at the speed of 185 km or 115 miles per hour. The drone ambulance uses internal rotors instead of the typical helicopter propellers. With this, it allows the drone to fly in between buildings and below power lines without the risk of crashing caused by severed propellers. See: Augmented Reality Will Help Rescue Pilots To Fly In Dense Fog Also, this can safely evacuate people from hostile areas and allow military forces safe access. "Just imagine a dirty bomb in a city and chemical substance of something else and this vehicle can come in robotically, remotely piloted, come into a street and decontaminate an area," said Rafi Yoeli, Urban Aeronautics founder and CEO to Reuters.

Cormorant drone test flight

In UA's test flight of the vehicle last November, minor issues on their on board issues need to be corrected. The developers is yet to meet Federal Aviation Administration standards for the emergency drone. The total price is estimated to be about $14 million for the revolutionary drone. See: Driverless Cars May Lead to Shortage of Organ Donations!
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