New Findings Suggest That Titanic Was Not Sunk by an Iceberg!

Admin | Published 2017-01-04 17:55

A century has passed after the RMS Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean. We have already settled with the belief that a collision with an iceberg caused the titanic maiden voyage to tip over and sink. Experts have found new evidence that may not be the case, and that something else caused the Titanic to meet its demise.

For 105 years, we believed that Titanic met its tragic fate after colliding with an iceberg. If you've seen the James Cameron's Titanic film, then that idea might be hard to brush off.

However, a new documentary titled Titanic: The New Evidence, bared solid proof that the hull was already compromised. A fire caused damage to that portion of the ship even before it departed Belfast for Southampton and before it could even reach New York.

Senan Molony, a journalist who studied Titanic for 30 years, noticed  a nine-meter black mark on the front of the ship’s hull from a photo taken before the Titanic left. It turned out that all the circumstances that struck Titanic before it even left to sail and as it was traveling for New York, created a perfect murder. The compromised metal at the hull after being scorched by 1000 degrees temperature of heat for three days weakened its surface by 75 percent. The iceberg hitting at that damaged area was the last straw. There were a total of 2,224 passengers on board Titanic and more than half of them perished in the worst maritime tragedy in modern history. Source: See: Baffling Graveyard of 20,000 Dead Sea Creatures in Canadian Shore!
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