Man Bought a Field in a Hunch of Unearthing a Medieval City, and He Was Right!

Admin | Published 2017-01-04 17:15

A man, who is a self-proclaimed history enthusiast cashed out all his life savings to buy acres of land of which he believes hides an archaeological find. His hunch is more than what he expected it to be - for beneath the patch of land hides a medieval city!

Stuart Wilson bought the 4.6 acres or 1.9 hectares of land for 32,000 British pounds or $39,000. He was rather sure that an ancient industrial town Trellech, one of the largest medieval towns in Wales, is buried underneath the property.

Wales News Service

The oddly shaped vast plain with large square fields make him doubt that the area was meant to be agricultural. He has been showing interest in the area and has actually been digging opposite its plain for a while. A tip-off from the farmer about the auction landed him the property after winning as the highest bidder. Buying the property made him live with his parents for awhile and even made him turn down jobs which could take up his time from exploring the property he had just bought.

Wales News Service

See: Ancient Bronze Age City Discovered in Kurdish Village! After initially unearthing a moated mansion, around 400 square meters in size, and rare artifacts including a medieval flower pot, Wilson declared this was one of the best decisions he has made in his life. Wilson provided the information that this 13th century medieval settlement could have housed around 10,000 people. He already has the details on who previously owned the property and according to him it was the home of several Norman lords of the De Clare family, who used it as a place to mass produce iron. He plans to put up an educational center in the excavation site. You may want to reconsider saving up to buy a potential ancient settlement in your area if there ever was - that is if you are as crazy into history as he is. Source: See: 3800-Year Old Ancient Underwater Garden Discovered in Canada!
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