Baffling Graveyard of 20,000 Dead Sea Creatures in Canadian Shore!

Admin | Published 2017-01-04 15:09

Residents of Western Nova Scotia in Canada was baffled and was in mixed emotions after 20,000 dead sea creatures turned up in their shores. Scientists were also baffled on how this massive fish kill could occur.

Canadian authorities have estimated that the recent fish kill in the shores of Savary Provincial Park have reached around 20,000 of dead lobsters, crabs, starfish, scallops and all sorts of fishes.

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They also warned locals and passers-by that the dead creatures shouldn't be collected. "Dead fish found on shore should not be collected by general public," as tweeted by the fisheries and oceans department. "Consumers should only purchase from licensed harvesters/sellers." Doug Wentzell of the same department informed how the toxicity test gave negative results of any contaminants that could have killed the marine wildlife. "We're going back to the drawing board to make sure that we have not left any stone unturned," he added. United States Geological Survey also shared their expertise on the matter saying that, Kent Smedbol, a marine ecologist shared that these factors may have caused the massive fish kill: storm runoff, human-made pollutant, agricultural runoff, or a recently new tidal turbine. It may actually be the five-storey-high underwater turbine which started operating in November that must have caused the dead turn up of these fishes. "Many armchair scientists believe this is the cause of the die-off," he stated. Last November, 70 giant stingrays also turned up dead in Thailand's Mae Klong River. Most wildlife mortality and living disturbances may have also been caused by the changing climate. Source: See: 400 Dead Penguins Killed by Unlikely Four-Legged Suspects, Shocked Biologists!
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