Chickens Exhibit Self-Awareness Like Primates, Eating Chicken Meat Won't Be The Same

Admin | Published 2017-01-04 01:22
For people who love chicken meat, this study may change your life. Experts say, chickens are more intelligent than what we think. They may even have self-awareness, as well as Machiavellian tendencies. Chickens are compared to a higher class of animals, and do exhibit similar skills to mammals and primates. In a recent study published in the journal Animal Cognition, researchers said that the intelligence of chickens has been underestimated for years. By observing the species' behavior, they found that hens and roosters, even their hatchlings don't have 'bird brains'. “Unlike many other birds, chickens are categorized as a commodity, devoid of authenticity as a real animal,” said Dr Loro Marino, a senior scientist for The Someone Project, a joint venture of Farm Sanctuary and the Kimmela Center in the USA, with Telegraph. “But chickens have the capacity to reason and make logical inferences, a capability that humans develop at approximately the age of seven. They perceive time intervals and may be able to anticipate future events. “Chickens are behaviorally sophisticated, discriminating among individuals, exhibiting Machiavellian-like social interactions, and learning socially in complex ways that are similar to humans.” “The very idea of chicken psychology is strange to most people.” Experts also noticed that chickens have characteristics that indicate self-awareness. These birds know self-control when waiting for a better reward, and do self-assess their position in the pecking order. Chickens also exhibit negative and positive behaviors such as, fear, anxiety and anticipation. Additionally, observations say that each hen has different personalities that affect the behavior of their chicks. Communication is also complex with chickens. They use their wide range of vocalizations in different purposes such as attracting mates and sending out signals of danger. This study makes me think, eating fried chicken won't be the same anymore. I feel sorry for all the chickens I ate in my life!
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