Experts Create Future Camera Lens 8 Times Thinner Than A Human Hair Strand!

Admin | Published 2017-01-03 05:00
A group of researchers from Caltech and Samsung have developed a new camera lens that's thinner than a strand of human hair. They have created a tiny flat lens that works together with a digital sensor. To make this possible, experts used sheets of silicon cylinders, which create a metasurface. This lets the 'lens' made of silicon sheets become adjustable. When the lens' diameter is altered, light passes through and images are focused on a single silicon sheet instead of multiple glass. “Metasurfaces like these can be easily mass produced, much the way computer chips are. That means this could be a cheap and easily scalable way to create tiny lenses just a few millimeters in diameter,” said Caltech postdoctoral researcher Amir Arbabi, who also worked with Andrei Faraon, a Caltech assistant professor of applied physics and material science, and Seunghoon Han, from Samsung Electronics with digitaltrends. A strand of hair measures about 100,000 nanometers. Compared to each cylinder of 600 nanometers tall — which would make each double sheet lens about 1,200 nanometers thick, clearly a strand of hair is thicker than this material. However, focusing becomes possible because the sheets are adjustable to hundreds of nanometers. The silicon sheets can be effortlessly added to a SMOS advanced imaging sensor. Stacked lenses with a sensor can be used for technological innovations such as, smart phones and endoscopic cameras.
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