Difficulty In Maintaining Eye Contact When Conversing Is Perfectly Normal, Study Says

Admin | Published 2016-12-30 00:20
Maintaining eye contact when conversing is quite difficult for some. Some experts say inability to keep eye contact could even be a sign of mental disorder. But let's admit it, eye-to-eye conversing can be a challenging task, especially when, you know, you're talking to your crush. Apparently, a study from Kyoto University says, it's perfectly normal to break eye contact when talking to another person. Whether he brings butterflies to your stomach or he's just a random dude you meet at a party. A research published in the journal Cognition found the possible reason why sometimes it's difficult to maintain eye contact when talking face-to-face with another person. Not including the instances of a boring talk, or escaping from an awkward situation, experts say that difficulty in maintaining eye contact is actually our brain trying to keep up from overloading. Researchers conducted studies to 26 volunteers. They were asked to participate in a common word-association game. Experts have shown a word (noun) to participants and they were asked to say an immediate response (a verb). For example, when given the word "ball," a reply might be the word "throw." During the test, the participants interacted with a face on a computer. The face also sometimes looked away. In the game, the researchers gave a set of words that are easy and difficult. Experts noticed that the harder the word is (e.g. Sky), the longer time it takes for the volunteers to respond. However, they don't tend to break eye contact. The research suggests that the dual task of maintaining eye contact and racking for a word is too demanding for the brain. Thus, the brain pushes us to break eye contact to find a word and fulfill the need to continue the conversation.
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