Fish Oil Taken By Pregnant Moms Can Cut Asthma Risk in Their Kids

Admin | Published 2016-12-29 17:26

Fish oil capsules or pills taken by women at the last three months of their pregnancy may tend to ward off the risk of asthma or wheezing problems in their children, according to researchers in a new study.

Previous studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids which is found primarily in marine oils like fish oils and plant oils, may affect asthma risk in babies. Researchers at University of Copenhagen in Denmark did a test on 700 women and had them take 2.4 grams a day of two types of fish oil supplement or a pseudo fish oil pill in their third trimester of pregnancy just when babies’ lungs were maturing. The researchers would know who among the mothers took the real fish oil until three years and the mothers would know when their kids reached the age of 5. Moms, in accordance with the study, recorded the incident when their kids showed respiratory discomfort of problems that lasted for at least three days. See: Anti-Snoring Device For Only $3 That You Can Actually Wear in Public! The result showed that from the 24 percent of the comparison group, only 17 percent of kids whose moms took fish oil developed a breathing problem by age 5. That's about a one-third reduction risk. It's important to note that among those kids in the group with reduced risk of asthma, their moms had the lowest blood levels of omega-3 at the start of the study. Further studies are needed before medical recommendations for such high dose of omega-3 will be followed. Some doctors do suggest that it is reasonable that those moms whose family have a history of asthma may consider taking the supplement early on. In a recent study, it has been suggested that vitamin D during pregnancy may also prevent the risk of autism in their baby. Source: See: Amniotic ‘Pregnancy’ Fluid Can Heal Brittle Aging Bones in Babies and Elderly
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