America's Lone Star Ticks Trigger Allergic Reaction To Red Meat!

Admin | Published 2016-12-29 15:42

Scientists have put together a piece of a bizarre allergy case that lone star ticks can make a person develop an allergy to red meat.

Our interaction with the world around does so many bizarre things in our mental state, well-being and even to our health.

Scientists from Vanderbilt University reported the case of a 68-year-old woman who developed anaphylaxis within minutes of receiving a shot of shingles vaccine in 2014.

See: Fatal Combo of Food and Meds That Should Be Avoided! The scientists have had information since 2008 that the woman was known to suffer from red meat allergies and frequent bites from lone star ticks. According to the scientists, a bite of a lone star tick introduces a person with the alpha-gal, a carbohydrate molecule that is found in all mammals including apes and humans. Alpha-gal in itself is not harmful but to some people it draws out an abnormal immune response that produces a type of antibody called IgE.

He's been ticked!

The last straw happens when that person eats red meat which also contains alpha-gal. This can send the person to an anaphylaxis shock when pork of beef is consumed. The scientists had to test if that was indeed the case for the woman by examining her blood sample including those others who were known to have the same red meat allergies. The scientists have to find out if these people's IgE antibodies reacted to five different vaccines: shingles, MMR, yellow fever, and two versions of TDaP. The result turned out positive that alpha-gal is found in MMR and shingles vaccines. As a result, it is also found that these vaccines can trigger the same anaphylaxis reaction to those patients with red meat allergies. The lone star tick is widely distributed across the East, Southeast, and Midwest United States. Like all ticks, it is also a carrier of other diseases including Lyme disease. This study will allow clinicians to be mindful of these small group of people. Scientists will also develop additional insight on the bizarre responses of our immune system. Source: / See: This Antibiotic Cream Applied After A Tick Bite Proves to Prevent Lyme Disease!
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