Being A Single Dad Negatively Affects Mental And Physical Health

Admin | Published 2016-12-29 07:08
It seems, a study proves men isn't really made to take care of cubs. A study published in Journal Of Epidemiology And Community Health shows that single dads are more prone to poor physical and mental health. Experts say, single fathers encounter stress as much as single mothers do. Their observations are mostly based on parents with low income and are unemployed. Researchers gathered statistics showing the rate of single parents in three countries. They learned that 27% of families in the US, 25% of families in Britain and 16% of families in Canada have single-parent families. "We have long known that lone parenthood has negative effects on parents' health, but few studies focus on the single father population," said lead author Maria Chiu of the University of Toronto told Reuters Health in an interview. Chiu's team gathered interview from 1,058 single fathers in Canadian Community Health Surveys somewhere around 2001 and 2013. It showed, 12% of single dads and single moms rated their self as poor on a five-point scale going from "poor" to "excellent." While, single fathers compared to dads with partners, are twice likely to rate their self as "poor" when asked about their mental and physical health. "We need to pay attention to the physical health and mental health of single dads in the same way we do with single moms," she said. And that would be an incredible step forward, some dads say. "My opinion is that single moms are given every chance, opportunity, and excuse, while single dads are left to 'be strong' on their own," said Curt Morehouse of Omaha, Nebraska. The results of the study are also linked to the fact thatcompared to single moms, single fathers consume less healthy food such as fruits and vegetable. Many of the single dads are also binge drinkers.  
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