Space Race Update: China Will Be On Mars By 2020!

Admin | Published 2016-12-29 04:26
China is moving swiftly in the space race. After announcing the launch of their very own EmDrive, the country has declared its next plans for galactic exploration, which includes landing on Mars by 2020. The past few years, China has accomplished astounding milestones in space exploration. Now, their next goals include landing on the dark side of the moon by 2018. They are also preparing to get a glimpse of Mars by the end of the decade. In a press release held in China, Chinese authorities have released a policy paper exposing their future goals for deep space research. Deputy chief of the National Space Administration, Wu Yanhua, said Beijing is on its way to sending its first probe to Mars. By around 2020 the probe is expected to orbit the planet, and will be followed by a second mission that will collect samples of Mar's surface. Yahhua added, their plans include exploring the Jupiter and its moons. The country will also send probes for this mission. Though China joined the space race later than other countries, which was in 1970, after the US has successfully sent the first man on the moon, it's clear that they're catching up fast. The country now has billions of dollars for researchers and trainings. In 2003, China's first rover landed on the moon, they also launched a space lab to create a 20-ton space station. During that same timeline, they have sent five people into space. Together with US, and Russia, China is now one of the countries that has been exploring space, and showing great achievements in their missions. Source:
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