Keeping Your Kids Indoors May Give Them Eye Complications

Admin | Published 2016-12-28 06:00
There's an alarming increase of nearsighted children. Experts say, this may be linked to kids spending less time outdoors. Due to technology, most kids today spend less time playing outside. Most of the time they focus on near objects such as books and iPads. New Canadian research says, because of this, more and more children are developing nearsightedness or myopia. Experts gathered studies among 166 students in Waterloo during the 2014 to 2015 school year. All were in first to eighth grade. The study showed that the rate of children with myopia increased as they reach middle school. From 6 percent of kids who are nearsighted, it increased to 29 percent by age 13. Researchers asked the parents about what do their kids usually do, and how much time they spend outdoors. Questions also included what time of the day do the kids go out. After the tests, experts predicted that the time spent outside is linked to myopia. ‘Our results indicate that exposure to daylight helps protect children from myopia,’ said the leader of the study, Dongmei Cui of Sun Yat-sen University, China, in a post. ‘Parents should encourage [children] to spend time outdoors daily. ‘When that's impractical due to weather or other factors, use of daylight-spectrum indoor lights should be considered as a way to minimize myopia.’ Researchers added spending time outside lets children focus on distant objects, which is good for the eye. However, they said the reason behind the issue is still not known. Despite that, statistics show that for one additional hour of outdoor time per week, the chances of developing myopia in children drops by about 14 percent. Which means, maybe it's time to limit your children's iPad time. Let them appreciate the sun like the Teletubbies do!  
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