Remarkable Device Detects 17 Types Of Diseases Using Only Breath!

Admin | Published 2016-12-28 03:51
As early as Hippocrates' time, ancient medical techniques included smelling of breath to know the person's disease. Modern day health experts are trying to figure out a system that has the same approach. Experts have actually started their journey towards this goal. Researchers report in the journal ACS Nano says they have discovered a 'breath-print' that identifies an array of illness. The system uses nanoscale sensors to detect components in breath samples. Experts say it can track 17 diseases including kidney cancer and Parkinson’s. It also utilizes artificial intelligence to know the specific type of illness, as well as in providing the right treatment. According to studies, the exhaled breath contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, as well as small amounts of more than 100 other volatile chemical components. Particular combinations of these components help in classifying if the person has a disease. In fact, recent studies already came up with breath analyzers that detect complications in health, however this device only focused on cancer. Lead author Professor Hossam Haick, said in a post: "We found that just as we each have a unique fingerprint, each of the diseases we studied has a unique breath print, a 'signature' of chemical components." "We have a device which can discriminate between them, which is elegant and affordable," he added. This innovation makes way for a portable, and non-invasive method of detecting diseases. Experts say, it can even be a lot cheaper than the current diagnostic tools. For as low as £24, examination of patients' health is possible, faster and facile.    
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