Why You'd Want To Go To Japan? There'll Be 30,000 Free WiFi Hotspots!

Admin | Published 2016-12-27 06:32
Japan's Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry plan to establish free Wi-Fi hotspots in around 30,000 areas in the country by 2020. New WiFi hotspots will be located in state funded schools, district parks and exhibition halls. According to reports, the new WiFi spots will serve as free web access for tourists and will be used for daily educational purposes. It will also be a tool to affirm individuals' security in the event of a calamity. The said plan would cost around ¥10 billion over three years starting 2017. As mentioned, the free WiFi hotspots will be assigned in evacuation locations as well as schools, government offices, museums, and parks. Japan has proved that WiFi is an efficient tool to know people's safety in times of calamities just like what happened last April in Kumamoto. According to sources, the government will encourage schools to use the WiFi service to educate children using devices like tablets. The WiFi hotspots will also be extremely helpful for tourists to learn about the country. WiFi users will be required to sign up their information to gain access for the service. This is to prevent hackers from using the internet for harmful intentions. The Japanese government also said that they will improve their cybersecurity measures. This makes me think, Japan take me with you! Source: straitstimes.com  
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