Ammonia Detected in Earth's Atmosphere For The First Time Reaps Benefits!

Admin | Published 2016-12-23 17:31

Ammonia, a pungent gas also found in urine is detected in earth's atmosphere for the first time, a new study said.

Scientists have detected the corrosive chemical ammonia in the lowest layer of the atmosphere. Troposphere, which almost all weather on earth occurs is found in the lowest level of the atmosphere. Its upper layer is where ammonia is most concentrated. India and China, countries that are highly-populated and are known to have the worst air pollution, sit right below the area of the troposphere where ammonia is detected. See: 1952 London Great Smog – Scientists Finally Uncover Terrifying Cause of 12,000 Deaths! Ammonia (NH3) is important to the life cycle of plants and animals in trace amount but high amount of ammonia is hazardous.

But with all that, the small amount of ammonia present in our atmosphere may actually have its benefits.

It is said that ammonia is involved in early stages of cloud formation. The researchers said that "the gas may act as a cooling agent and help compensate for the human-caused greenhouse gas effect." In effect, the researchers can incorporate the gas to existing models of climate change assessment and prediction.

Eliminating a minor ammonia leak at the nitrogen fertilizer plant.

Michael Höpfner, the head of the Remote Sensing Using Aircraft and Balloons Group at the Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, stated:
"Observations show that ammonia is not washed out completely when air ascends in monsoon circulation. Hence, it enters the upper troposphere from the boundary layer close to the ground, where the gas occurs at relatively high concentrations."
The researchers added that ammonia can act as atmospheric aerosols or cloud seeders. The study is published in Nature Communications. See: China Lake Reduced to a Shocking Grassland, 6X Size of NY!
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