Want To Make Your Annoying Gout Or Arthritis Go Away? Have Probiotics

Admin | Published 2016-12-22 14:46
The cause of auto-immune disease isn't still clear. There are several reasons why this happens in the body, however, the most recent theory says the components of the gut is the most probable root. Autoimmunity happens when the immune system starts attacking the body's normal tissue as though it's harmful, thus initiating inflammation as its way to protect the itself. However, new research proposes that the microorganisms in the intestine are trillions of good and bad microscopic organisms, which may have something to do with autoimmune disease. In a study published in the January issue of the Journal of Experimental Medicine researchers said, the irritation due to inflammation from autoimmune diseases may be prevented by making adjustments in the gut microorganisms. Researchers learned that the gut microbiome and the immune system are interlaced and continuously interacts with one another. “Beneficial gut bacteria promotes immune homeostasis, which means that resident gut bacteria have beneficial nutritional effects and the effect of reducing autoimmunity and inflammation,” Dr. Yuying Liu, a professor of pediatrics and gastroenterology at the University of Texas and the study’s lead author, told The Huffington Post. Studies like this, give hope that diseases starting in the gut may be treated with diet change. Meaning, eating food with probiotics may help improve autoimmune diseases. Experts say this could be the reason why physicians, together with oral medications suggest a diet change for their patients, which actually showed favorable responses. “We know that gut microbiota are altered by stress, antibiotics, high-fat diet, and a ‘overly clean environment,’” Liu said. “It is reasonable to postulate that lifestyle interventions could help to prevent or treat autoimmune diseases.” Naturopathy and traditional medicine's first approach is actually diet change. Which makes sense. What we consume affects our overall wellness. Meaning, you need to put that junk food down and start eating your veggies for your arthritis' sake.
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