You May Feel Happier If You Have Less Than Two Social Media Accounts

Admin | Published 2016-12-22 12:13
We use social media platforms personally to engage with the outside world. Don't we feel connected, though we only virtually converse or express our thoughts by only doing a few clicks and touches on the keyboard? However, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh Center for Research on Media, Technology and Health say, having too many social media accounts may negatively affect our mental health. What the media are not telling us is that the more online network platforms we use, the more likely we are to experience sadness and anxiety. Experts from University of Pittsburgh found a particular number of platforms that may be putting us in danger: that's seven to 11. Having that too many internet social networking profiles may put us at risk for developing depression and anxiety three times more than those who have zero to two platforms, study says. “This association is strong enough that clinicians could consider asking their patients with depression and anxiety about the multiple platform use and counseling them that this use may be related to their symptoms,” says lead author and physician Brian A. Primack with Futurity. Now that we know this information, people who experience symptoms of depression may now avoid creating multiple social media accounts. But that's not always the case. Experts say, people who feel down tend to seek joy in the internet. Thus, there's a high probability they would create more social network accounts. “It may be that people who suffer from symptoms of depression or anxiety, or both, tend to subsequently use a broader range of social media outlets. For example, they may be searching out multiple avenues for a setting that feels comfortable and accepting,” says Primack. “However, it could also be that trying to maintain a presence on multiple platforms may actually lead to depression and anxiety. More research will be needed to tease that apart.” Despite these drawbacks of online networking, we have to know using these platforms don't only have negative consequences. Some people who have issues in mental health find support or self-help techniques on social media. We may just have to limit our accounts up to two or less. Or maybe, people just need to be optimistic and responsible when using the internet. Stop the hate. Hit that heart button.
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