Stupefying Video Of Real Pacific Rim-Looking Robot Mimicking Its Pilot's Moves!

Admin | Published 2016-12-20 12:47
Imagine a 13-foot tall robot that strolls like a human, making the ground around shake, is in front of you. Moving just like robots in the Pacific Rim, stupefying and staggering! This kind of robot will soon turn into reality because of this recent robotic innovation. An organization based in Seoul, 'Korea Future Technology' has finished the primary trial of its mammoth human-like robot, called METHOD-1. The robot, which has been kept as secret for a long time, strolls by impersonating the activities of its pilot sitting inside. The robot was created by Vitaly Bulgarov, an architect who was part of science fiction films, including the 2014 redo of Robocop, and Transformers 4. Makes perfect sense why the 13-foot robot did look like the ones we see in movies. Apparently, now his work has moved from fiction into reality. 'I'm excited to share some updates and work-in-progress motion tests for the 4m [13 foot] tall, 1.5t heavy manned robot I have been working on with a Seoul based robotics company, Korea Future Technology,' Mr Bulgarov wrote on his Facebook page. Watch how this robot mimics the movement of its pilot, and prepare to get stunned!
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