Cold Shower May Set The Mental Boost To Make You Resist Skipping Work!

Admin | Published 2016-12-18 12:53

Researchers found the substantial benefit of taking routine cold showers to rip you through an otherwise tedious day.

Taking cold showers, despite the historical implications and the present practices with all intents and purposes, its medical benefits are still highly contested in the scientific community. Whole body cyrotherapy is one of those alternative treatments given to athletes and patients with rheumatic diseases wherein the body is exposed to very cold air that is maintained at -110°C to -140°C in cryochambers for 2–3 minutes. Proofs of its real health benefits are lacking and no confirmation from the already lacking scientific reviews. But for its mental benefit, a new study may give the credence to this valuable daily routine.


The research group from The Netherlands led by Geert A. Buijzegathered 3,018 eligible participants aged 18-65 without experience of routine cold showering for the "Cool Challenge" study. Participants were placed in three intervention groups wherein one group can take 30, 60, 90 seconds of cold showers respectively in the first 30 days. In the second month, the participants in the intervention group needed to complete 60 days of taking cold shower in their preferred duration. For the next full 90 days, participants randomized to a control group were instructed to have regular (non-cold) showers.

The results showed that those who took cold shower have 29 percent reduction of sickness absence from the participant. The result shoots a higher mark of 54 percent reduction of sickness absence if paired with physical activities.

What I'm trying to say is your best isn't enough.

The significant finding of the study is that cold shower do seem to provide higher level of energy that is similar to the invigorating effect of caffeine. The transformative indicator of the cold shower routine is that 91 percent of them reported the will to continue the cold shower routine despite the discomfort reported by the vast majority of participants -64 percent of them actually did. For those who continually falls back in their bed instead of going out for work, dousing on a cold shower can spring you back on your feet again and off to work. The researchers published their study on PLOS One. See: 8 Bad Habits That Actually Do Some Good! Holy Smoke!  
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