'Meat Potato Pie' Sent Into Space to Find Out If The Journey Cooks It!

Admin | Published 2016-12-16 12:46

A meat and potato pie in Wigan town England had one noble mission into space, find out if the journey in the stratosphere allows it to cook itself. Did it?

The town of Wigan in Manchester is a regular host of the World Pie Eating Championship every December. A week ahead of this event a space, Thursday, December 15th, the enthusiast SentIntoSpace launched the pie made by Bill Kenyon of Ultimate Purveyors. The one-million dollar question is: Will the journey up to 100,000ft (30km) change the pie's molecular making it easier to eat? The pie is thought to freeze up on its journey to space but will be cooked when it re-enters down to earth. "This is the first step to enable mankind to consume pies with more elegance and comfort," humors the maker.

Will this be the same one brave soul who will try the pie from space?

The pie landed 50 miles from where it was launched after the two-hour journey via a helium-filled balloon. A camera was attached to track its amazing journey. People get a selfie inside a drab bathroom, why can a pie in a panoramic view of earth be any different. Dan Blaney of SentIntoSpace updated BBC with the pie's condition after landing. "It was in decent shape, apart from the fact the lid came off when it landed and it had broken into two pieces." The team is yet to report its findings on whether there ever were molecular changes in the pie, but there is no soul brave enough to eat the pie from space. At least for now. [embed]https://youtu.be/Ocb7pQKUcJ0[/embed] See: SpaceX Bares Plans to Launch 4,425 Satellite for High-Speed Internet  
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