Rejoice! We Can Now Have Customized Beers Made By AI

Admin | Published 2016-12-16 11:28
Beers are made of hopes and dreams of men who knew real happiness, and wanted to share it to his fellow gents. There's magic in every bubbly sip, and they say, if anything can't solve your problem, try drinking beer. It may not be the solve the problem as well, but heck, it will make you forget all your worries at least. This is maybe the reason why there are millions of beer connoseiurs in the world. The flavor, the palate, the aroma, every beer has its own endearing characteristics. An experienced drinker knows what is a good beer. For hunders of years, the world has been developing the best beer, ales and whatnots. Beer lovers have their own favorites, but the perfect beer? I presume it doesn't exist, just yet. For that reason, IntelligentX is brewing their own beer using the help of AI system. In search for the best beer recipe, AI uses algorithms to provide the customers the exact taste of beer they would like to have. The system calculates and adjusts the amount of hops, water, yeast and grain to come up with the best beer recipe based on the customer's taste. IntelligentX created four different beer recipes that can be modified using customer's feedbacks. "There are too many brands out there that just have one recipe for a beer, and they've had it for 60 years," said Hew Leith, co-founder of IntelligentX, the maker of the beer appropriately named AI in an interview. "We're not about that. We're about using data to listen to our customers, get all that feedback, and then brew something that's more attuned to what they actually want and need." The company is now creating small batches of beer. They said some customers loved the customized recipes, while others didn't. Leith added they might also use same system in creating other brands of chocolates and coffee.  
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