Woman Gave Birth to "Miracle Baby" With Frozen Ovary She Had As a Child

Admin | Published 2016-12-15 08:27

Woman's ovary was damaged from a chemotherapy treatment she had as a child. Part of her ovary was preserved and frozen before the damaging treatment took place. That same ovary tissues restored her fertility and now she gave birth to a son.

Moaza Al Matrooshi with son | BBC

She is thought to be the first woman to give birth successfully after having an ovary frozen before puberty.

Moaza Al Matrooshi, 24, and from Dubai was born with beta thalassaemia, a blood disorder that is caused by a gene mutation and can be deadly if left untreated. Her right ovaries were removed prior to the chemotherapy she badly needed when she was nine years old. The tissues were however preserved and frozen which primarily gave back her ability to give birth and have children. The piece of tissues were stitched back to her by surgeons in Denmark. Surprisingly, Moaza has already been going through an early menopause in her age. But after the tissues were transplanted, her hormone levels began changing back to normal. She continued having her period and continuing to ovulate. Her fertility got restored. "Within three months of re-implanting her ovarian tissue, Moaza went from being menopausal to having regular periods again," explained Dr Sara Matthews who conducted the fertility treatment. Moaza and her husband Ahmed underwent an IVF treatment for an even greater chance of conceiving a baby. Prof. Helen Picton of the University of Leeds who carried out the ovary freezing said, "Worldwide more than 60 babies have been born from women who had their fertility restored, but Moaza is the first case from pre-pubertal freezing and the first from a patient who had treatment for beta thalassaemia." Moaza thanked her mother for making a choice of saving her daughter's ovaries for the future. Moaza still have a frozen pieces of her ovarian tissues saved up as well as a single embryo from the IVF treatment she and her husband had. She is saving them up for another child she plans to have in the future. See: This Cancer Drug May Give Older Women Fertile Ovarian Eggs! Interesting! Source: BBC.com
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