Diet Drinks Only Boost Your Appetite and Make You More Hungry, study says

Admin | Published 2016-12-14 19:43

Carbonated or soda drinks are not really healthy per se but they are supposed to be a healthier alternative to the regular soda in terms of the sugar level and calorie intake.

(Huffington Post)

Sugar is linked to obesity which can sometimes lead to diabetes. But as sugar is indirectly linked to obesity, the sugar-free, calorie-free version according to study boosts appetite after consumption. Dr Siew Ling Tey, of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research in Singapore lead a study wherein participants were provided with three different kinds of artificial sweeteners before recording food intake for the entire day. The 30 randomly picked men were given 500ml drinks of diet drinks and drinks containing aspartame and stevia respectively. After that the men were allowed to eat as much fried rice as they want for lunch. Those who were given diet drinks put on 80 more calories after lunch but those who were given the artificial sweeteners were consuming the most during the day. Those who were given low-calorie drinks found the spike of blood sugar more than those who were given sugary drinks. See: Fat Cells Fuel and Spread Cancer, as confirmed by study in mice 'The energy "saved" from replacing sugar with non-nutritive sweetener was fully compensated for at subsequent meals in the current study, hence no difference in total daily energy intake was found between the four treatments," Dr Siew Ling Tey explained. But the conflicting claims from different studies and experts have never really gotten near to the truth. In fact the claims have gotten way more complicated than it had ever been. It is safe to say that soda drinks, low calorie or not is not the healthiest drink to consume. Source:
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