New Insecticide Swells Up Mosquitoes Until They Pop!

Admin | Published 2016-12-14 11:05

The new weapon of mass destruction against mosquitoes is unconventional. It's like a karma fluid wherein the more they bite the more they turn the clock on to their death.

Anopheles minimus mosquito

Mosquitoes can pass on diseases to their victims and to add insult to the injury, they can pee on you right after sucking blood from you. Why they need to pee right after victimizing someone is for survival purposes. Our blood is way too salty and just like humans, salty food accelerates their fluid excretion. The diuretic process by a kidney-like structures from their bodies is so rapid that they start peeing just as soon as they start sucking. "And as these mosquitoes digest the red blood cells to get at the proteins and other nutrients hiding there, they release potassium chloride which can cause depolarization of the membrane potential of excitable cells and induce ‘excitotoxic death," explained Jerod Denton, a pharmacologist of Vanderbilt University Medical Center . So Denton and Peter Piermarini of Ohio State University created an experimental molecule they named VU041 that induce kidney failure in mosquitoes. "What our compounds do is stop urine production, so they swell up and can't volume regulate, and in some cases they just pop," Denton added. "We're essentially preventing mosquitoes from producing urine after they take a blood meal." "And in some cases we can actually see the abdomen rupture, because they've basically overfilled with food." The scientists aimed their deadly molecule at mosquito Anopheles gambiae, the leading carrier of malaria, and Aedes aegypti, the Zika virus carrier. The mosquito-popper insecticide will soon be formulated into a spray. I wonder if the animal rights activists have something more to say in this manner of killing a mosquito. I guess it's easier to take in when mosquitoes will just drop dead than pop dead right? The study is published in Scientific Reports in Nature. See: 1 Million-Year Old Bacteria, Antibiotic-Resistant Found in Cave Disputes Old Belief
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