GyroCycles Self-Balancing Motorbikes: Yay or Nay?

Admin | Published 2016-12-13 07:08
What do you think about self-stabilizing motorcycles? Is it interesting or less cooler? Maybe both? Well, we have subjective views, but surely motorcycles that can balance by themselves would be safer than the traditional bikes. The company, Thrustcycle, just released their masterpiece which they call, GyroCycle. GyroCycles stand on its own, with or without a driver. The company has launched their prototype, which looks very promising.

This will be avoided for sure

These futuristic motorcycles keep upright due to its internal flywheels that create a gyroscopic effect. People who are having a hard time balancing or those who haven't used a motorbike before would definitely find GyroCycles a lot easier to control. The Thrustcycle's bikes look bulkier than the conventional ones, but it still has a 2-wheel design. The company is still improving the bikes, but it is expected to penetrate the market in 2017.


Old and new bike owners would love GyroCycles, if they are into trying new technologies. Though, the Thrustcycle are trying to be the first to release this type of bikes, it doesn't mean they are the only one. BMW had recently announced their own concept motorcycle they call, Motorrad Vision Next 100. We're pretty sure BMW self-stabilizing bikes will not be cheap, and that's the Thrustcycle's selling point.

They probably should have this design

GyroCycles will be cheaper than any popular automobile brand. According to the company, their bikes are not gas-powered, which means there will be less noise when used. For some, that may be a turn-off, but for the environment, it sounds like a plus! No official price has been released yet, but Thrustcycle estimated the bikes will be under $20,000. Not bad for bad-ass Tron looking ride.  
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