Dramatic Rise Of Methane: What Can We Do And Why We Should Act Now

Admin | Published 2016-12-12 04:23
Methane, the second most important greenhouse gas in the atmosphere has been dramatically increasing in just two years. In early 2000's, the methane concentrations in the atmosphere were only 0.5 parts per billion per year. For some reason, in the past two years, methane concentrations shockingly peaked to 12.5 parts per billion in 2014 and 9.9 parts per billion in 2015! This finding shows that methane concentrations rise faster than carbon dioxide. Though, the effect of methane gases fades faster than carbon dioxide, researchers believe that the effects of global warming that we'll experience in a decade or less will be because of these methane concentrations. The analysis was published in the journal Earth System Science Data. Experts believe agriculture plays the largest impact on the methane's atmospheric concentration. However, leading factors include fossil fuel, as well as drilling.

No, this won't help

The effect of global warming isn't new to us. We know how harmful it could be when it finally approaches its extremes. In fact, the consequences of global warming are already felt now in different regions of the planet. Changes in temperature, geographical alterations, world hunger, shortage in food supply, and other irreversible effects are already here. We can, however, slow down the unwanted effects of rising methane concentrations. First, by supporting organic farming practices, where old cows are not replaced with younger calves. Second, by reducing the consumption of red meat. Third, by suporting farms that use anaerobic digesters. These farms decompose cow manures using microorganisms to turn it into a source of energy rather than expelling it into the atmosphere. Lastly, by becoming active in communities with goals of preserving the planet.

"We warned you."

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