Sweat Loss Tracking Device Sends pH, Glucose Rate to Your Phone!

Admin | Published 2016-12-11 04:53

This wearable device will send composition of your sweat to your mobile device, keeping you in check on how well you're shedding your sweat off.

Wearable technology to monitor our progress and help us get through our day without difficulty amid medical conditions have revolutionized the way we manage our health. A woman diagnosed with Parkinson's is able to write again with a wearable device; a in-sole device to alert caretakers for wandering Alzheimer's patients are just one of those breakthrough wearable device that are changing the world one at a time. Now, our sweat is keeping up with the game. Researchers have developed a flexible microfluidic device that adheres to human skin. It collects and analyzes sweat during exercise. The actual device features a biochemical assay that will determine the amount of  sweat composition such as lactate, chloride, glucose and pH. Sweat rate and sweat loss are also measured.

The embedded chemicals in the device interact with your sweat and respond in a colorimetric fashion. It updates you on your hydration status and electrolytes balance.

The device is integrated with a wireless electronic system that allows it to communicate with your mobile app. It captures and quantifies results through digital image. The researchers suggest that the device will be helpful for people who undergo rigid training like athletes and military personnel. They are also open to adapting the device to test other bodily fluids like tears or saliva. Every person has unique medical needs that requires constant monitoring. Hopefully this device can also be adapted as a tool for everyday healthy living. [embed width=600]https://youtu.be/0y2wephQCWQ[/embed] Source: Sciencemag.org
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