Magnet Use For Blood Purification, Is This Bye-Bye For Antibiotics?

Admin | Published 2016-12-09 03:18
For centuries, we have been using antibiotics to cure particular diseases. Antibiotics are also used when there is suspected blood poisoning in the blood. No doubt this mode of treatment has proven its efficacy for years. However, antibiotics can also lead to resistance when used for a longer time than suggested. This is why a group of medical experts, scientists and doctors are developing a way to purify blood using magnets. Researchers from Harvard University, Switzerland's Empa and Adolphe Merkle Institute, are working hand-in-hand for this medicinal innovation. Though, there is still a lot to develop, experts say this is a promising discovery.


According to the study, the process will involve iron, antibodies and magnets. Iron will coat the antibodies, and antibodies will look for harmful bacteria in the body. These antibodies will attach itself to the bacteria, and then dialysis will be done to the patient. The bacteria will be extracted from the blood with the use of magnets, eventually leaving a cleansed blood to the patient. However, for now the study comes with restrictions. Certain antibodies only attach itself to particular bacteria. Meaning, doctors will have to test the patient first to know what type of bacteria causes the disease. Additionally, usually there are a couple of different strains of bacteria that cause a particular sickness. Thus, different antibodies should be administered into the blood as well. For that, the Harvard team led by Dr. Gerald Pier created an antibody that continuously attaches itself to different kinds of harmful bacteria. Though it's not ready yet for human trials, experts say they are getting favorable lab results.

So long, s..antibiotics!

Experts said they also still need to find out how to remove the iron particles that remains in the blood. Their theory is to conglomerate these iron particles to make sure magnets fully purify the blood. The Empa team led by Dr. Inge Herrmann, is now developing a solution that will do the work. This solution would turn small particles of iron into bigger clusters, thus making the magnet more efficient for blood purification.

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