You Make Risky Choices As Day Wears On, Study Suggests

Admin | Published 2016-12-07 16:54

It doesn't matter if you're an early riser or a night owl. We take risks all the same and as our day wears on, the riskier our games become.

We've all been there, done that. We've all had a fair share of making decisions whether pressured or voluntary. Making decisions and choices involve risks. Deciding to get married, buying a house or a car involves risks. Choosing someone to be their life partner over another person is a risk. We usually make light of these decisions in an ample amount of time. But what if you you have to make decisions in a limited timeframe that take up the rest of your day up to the last energy reserve?

Human behavior and our physical functions exhibit diurnal fluctuations. Our circadian rhythm or biological clock is as an aspect of our physical functions.

Neuroscientists in Argentina, studied the quality of moves in 1 million games of chess in an online database. The scientists studied the time they make the move and its impact leading to a win, perhaps a winning streak or high-speed tiebreakers that had onlookers on the edge of their seat. Early risers or night owls played more games early in their day, but the study found that both made longer moves and better game choices earlier in their day and soon after they wake up. However, at the end of their day, their game play quickened by 2.5% while the quality of their moves dwindled by the same margin on average. The findings of this study showed that we have higher control of our decisions earlier in our day and soon after we wake up regardless of our own biological clock and when we prefer to sleep. Our mind and body will eventually exhibit energy decline and dictate the quality of choices that we make. For morning risers, you may want to be more vigilant with your decisions after a happy hour drink. With less energy but more alcohol, you might find yourself in a relationship you don't want or the worst case scenario usually happens around this time. Night owls may want to skip that mid-afternoon sale or you'll find yourself buying things you don't even want. See: Free the Nipples, Going Bra-Less Has More to It Than Meets the Eye! Source:
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