Here's Why Codes Stamped On Fruits and Veggies Shouldn't Be Ignored

Admin | Published 2016-12-06 10:35

The number codes or PLU stamps that we usually find as nuisance have more practical purpose to us than they are for the bar code. Their importance have something to do about how we take charge of our health.

Those annoying stickers or bar codes on the fruits and veggies we buy at the grocers are called PLU or price look-up codes. They are more than just to scan the price upon check out. These numbers will tell you how your fruit had been grown. See: Plastic-Packed Salad Leaves May Promote Salmonella Growth, and Even Faster! So here's the part where you should really start taking notes if f you're very particular about your health and how the food you eat are grown. If you really take your health seriously, you may want to avoid the four (4) digits PLU that starts with 3 or 4. That means they are traditionally or conventionally grown with pesticides. You are probably going to look for the five (5) digit PLU's that start with 9 instead. That means the food is organic. But if it starts with 8, the food is genetically modified or GMO. Now that you'll probably prefer seeing PLU's on your veggies and fruits after reading this, unfortunately, sticking PLU codes is not mandatory. Besides, we can not also guarantee if the growers will tell us if their produce is GMO. We can also just hope that what will be passed as organic with its corresponding PLU is really organic. With the Monsanto protests, our health has been the center of political and economic controversies. We can only rely on ourselves to be fully informed about the things we eat and feed to our families.
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