A Gun That Heals: Regain Burnt Skin Scar-Free, Faster!

Admin | Published 2016-12-06 09:38

This gun will give your confidence back after suffering from burns that would otherwise leave your skin scathed for life.

Our body is and always have been vulnerable to wear and tear, especially in accidents that leave wounds and burns on your skin. The treatment procedures available could hardly regain old skin back. Skin grafting for instance is more invasive, time consuming and prone to scarring. It can also pose more risk to skin infection. SkinGun by RenovaCare is a medical device capable of spraying stem cells taken from the patient's own skin directly onto the wound or burns. A postage-stamp size of your healthy skin will be taken to extracted to extract stem cells from. The cells will then be isolated using an enzymatic tissue processing protocol. The cell suspension will be placed in a sterile syringe then loaded into the gun. The spray mechanism will also allow the stem cells to be applied evenly.

SkinGun by RenovaCare

The entire process will only take 1.5 to 2 hours. The skin's re-epithelialization, when epithelial cells begin to form a new tissue on the wound can occur in as little as four days. It will take a few months to finally get the skin to grow and heal with its original color and texture. SkinGun treatment is exclusively used for second degree burns. The treatment is also found to be effective in treating some skin wounds and some skin disorders. Third degree burns, which have already destroyed the dermis and have already the tissue surround the muscles exposed. or anything far worse would have to be treated with skin grafting. RenovaCare is currently awaiting FDA approval for SkinGun. SkinGun is featured in National Geographic and Mashable among many others Firefighters who regularly face the hazards of their job will greatly benefit from this technology. See: Nose Cells Repair Knee Joints and Cartilage in Human Trial
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