Creativity Is The Key To Your Well-Being! Study Claims

Admin | Published 2016-12-06 07:26
Are there times in your life when you feel like you've lost your enthusiasm towards work? Or you don't feel excited at all with life, you're feeling down, and can't find pleasure in anything you do? Well, maybe you should begin engaging in creative activities. A recent study says creativity might be the way to happier days and flourishment! Psychologists from US conducted a study saying creativity is associated with emotional functioning. Some results showed that engaging in creative activities may improve the quality of life. Experts gathered 658 varsity students for the study, and asked them to keep a diary where they will write their experiences and feelings for 13 days. Researchers regularly sent questionnaires to participants asking how creative they were that day. "Creativity includes coming up with a novel or original ideas; expressing oneself in an original and useful way; or spending time doing artistic activities (art, music, painting, writing, etc.)," creativity defined by the study. After the test period, researchers found out that participants had increased PA or positive effect after the creative days. PA encompasses feelings like happiness, pleasurable engagement, excitement, enthusiasm and joy. "Our research suggests that everyday creative activity leads to increased well-being in young adults. People felt more enthusiasm and higher flourishing following days when they were more creative than normal," written in the study. The studies showed that engaging in creative activities gives an upward effect for well-being. PA among participants has increased within the day of creative activity, as well as the following the day. "Finding ways to encourage everyday creative activities, not just master works of art, could lead directly to increased well-being," study suggests.
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