Study Suggests Aging Is A Disease, Researchers Soon To Find Cure!

Admin | Published 2016-12-04 04:15
Fictional movies and literatures have given us the idea of immortal humans. We had wild imaginations of defying age, and some people even dream of being forever young. Preposterous, but it's a joyous thought. Though, cosmetology had come up with ways to look superficially young, our body still wears. Withal, more and more researchers agree that aging is just a human disease. And experts have made their first step to knowing its cure. In a talk discussed by British biologist Aubrey de Grey, he said that the human body ages due to a "garbage material", which our cells cannot break down. If we would find a way to eliminate this garbage material in the body, aging could be prevented. de Grey's team believed that the answer to their theory lies in the decomposition of the human body. According to them, decaying bodies decompose due to a certain bacteria that can break down everything in the human body. Meaning, this same bacteria may also break down the "garbage material" that causes us to experience the symptoms of aging. In 2012, they have proven this theory. They have identified two types of bacteria that can break down a substance responsible for cardiovascular disease, the 7-ketocholesterol (7KC). Researchers did modify these bacteria to make it compatible with human cells, thus protecting the body against toxins. Mutaz Musa, a physician at the Department of Emergency Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, agrees aging should be pathologized. “Although many of de Grey’s claims remain controversial—notably, that the first person who will live to 1,000 years old is already among us—I agree that we can and should pathologize aging. In fact, it seems we already have,” Musa mentioned in an article for the Scientist.

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