Stunning Wood Art Created with 15,000 Volts of Electricity!

Admin | Published 2016-12-04 02:18

Recreating nature with art and science is easier with this wood burning technique using electricity. The process is spellbinding to look at and the art - impressive and beautiful.

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Electricity is the kind that leaves a mark of magnificence (or destruction) on the things it touched. Lichtenberg figures are left of on surfaces after a surge of electricity discharges passed on to it. It was discovered by discovered by 18th century physicist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. The lightning itself is a three-dimensional Lichtenberg figure. Lichtenberg figures can be naturally applied on wood. The type of wood and grain patterns affect the final lichtenberg pattern.

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Melanie Hoff, an American artist who graduated from Pratt Institute, created Lichtenberg impressions on a wood panel with 15,000 volts of electricity. Her art exhibit titled Passage and Control: Electric Movements in Wood at Visual Voice Gallery is said to be a "result of years of experimentation with directing fractal burns in wood."

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Hoff learned to manipulate the variables to create her own composition and direct fractal burns. The species of wood, the mixture of conductive solution and the position of electrodes play an important role in the creative process of the fractal wood burns. In this fractal burn art, Hoff merges physics and chemistry as the medium of art. She aims to further investigate the nature's hidden behaviors that can be interpreted naturally through art. The DIY community has also catapulted the popularity of this art. Here is an instructibles on how you can start making Lichtenberg art.
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