Rejoice Sweet Tooth! Nestle Plans to Cut Sugar By 40% Without Affecting Taste!

Admin | Published 2016-12-02 11:50

So there's a sugar-cutting breakthrough for chocolates huh? Nestle claimed they have it. They will be using it by 2018.

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People love chocolates but some hate the sugar. If you love these chocolate lines by Nestle: Kitkat, Baby Ruth, Maltesers, Butterfinger, Smarties and Crunch - well, you will get to love it even more especially when you're getting more health conscious. So how exactly are they going to do it without compromising the taste? According to Nestle, their scientists altered the structure of sugar so that it dissolves more quickly. The effect is actually a sort of trick on the taste buds, making it appear as though the sweetness level is raised. Stefan Catsicas, Nestle's chief technology officer described the findings as "truly groundbreaking research". Sugar in chocolates varies from brand to brand and varies from different types of chocolates: milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. Professor Julian Cooper, chair of the Scientific Committee at the Institute of Food Science and Technology considered Nestle's new findings as a 'good science'. After all, people have been consciously cutting sugar in their diet - that even means having to drop the good 'ol chocolate. With Nestle's new sugar hack, who knows who are going to give chocolate another try.

Less sugar is real.

He added that the new finding can give consumers the "halo effect" which makes people think they can consume more in a threshold of how much sugar they can only consume. I hope this new "less" will not give us a scare like Toblerone's. Let's see how this goes. See you in 2018. Nestle we're watching.  
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