Shocking Prostate Tumour With High Levels of Testosterone Can Cure the Cancer!

Admin | Published 2016-12-02 10:34

There's a bit of hope for men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Man is believed to be cured with advanced prostate cancer after tumour received high levels of testosterone.

Prostate cancer is a slow-growing type of cancer. It may have the lowest death rate among other cancers, but that does not mean that men are not free to not worry about cure. Curing prostate cancer is typically done by depriving the tumours with testosterone. Shocking the tumours with high levels of testosterone is actually doing contrary to the practices. But the result has been favorable which was unprecedented and exciting at the same time. See: CRISPR Gene-Edited Cells Tested for the First Time! Revolutionize Cancer Treatments! One man is believed to be cured. The others who are in serious stages of their cancer and who participated in the trial are found to have their tumours reduced and stopped progressing. PSA or prostate specific antigen, the blood marker that monitors prostate cancer is found to have gone down in the majority of the 47 participants. The higher the level of the PSA that one has prostate cancer. The fact that the levels of PSA in the majority of the participants signify that prostate cancer has diminished. One individual even had his PSA go down to zero and had shown no traces of the disease anymore. That was remarkable! Professor Sam Denmeade, who lead the study at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore said that their goal in the study is to shock the tumour with high levels of testosterone only to follow it with low levels of the same hormone. The men in the trial were given high dose of testosterone injections once every 28 days. A drug to stop the production of testosterone naturally was also administered. Dr Matt Hobbs, deputy director of research at the charity Prostate Cancer UK, said, "This research is intriguing because it offers a hint that - somewhat unexpectedly - for some men whose cancers have reached that 'hormone-resistant' stage it may be possible to kill or stop growth of the cancer cells by actually overloading them with testosterone." The early findings were presented at the Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics symposium in Munich, Germany Source:  
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