Recyclable Bike Helmet Folds and Fits Right in a Purse! Amazingly Convenient!

Admin | Published 2016-11-29 03:23

Bike-sharing in big cities will be more convenient for those who don't like the idea of bringing a helmet with them all the time. This affordable and collapsible bike helmet will be you spare tire.

Photo Dyson / BBC

The EcoHelmet is designed by New York designer and Pratt Institute of Design graduate Isis Shiffer. The recyclable paper helmet follows a honeycomb structure and folds like an accordion. Shiffer said she had found herself at times the need to explore cities in a bike like when she was a student in Tokyo but had no helmet to use. And that she didn't want to spend $30 for a helmet. She found the need to design a helmet that is affordable, functional and convenient to be sold in vending machines beside bike-sharing areas. She plans on selling it for just $5 or £4. The helmet had several prototypes before arriving at its final design. Shiffer added, ""It was important to me to keep the price as low as possible and the look as universally appealing as I could."

Photo Dyson / BBC

The helmet underwent an impact test in a crash lab at Imperial College London where it passed the European safety standards. The helmet is surprisingly very solid and compact. It can stay waterproof for up to 3-4 hours. Shiffer disclosed that the paper helmet is not as comfortable as a regular helmet but surprisingly not uncomfortable to use. The helmet won £30,000 International James Dyson Award. James Dyson, the founder of the award body himself said that the EcoHelmet solves an "obvious problem in an incredibly elegant way."    
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