Man Pours Strongest Acid On iPhone 7, What Happened Was Unbelievable!

Admin | Published 2016-11-27 23:58
We've watched tons of demonstration videos on the internet, testing the durabilities of smartphones. Some smashed the phones, dropped it, while others dipped the phones in deep water to know if the phones can survive. This one man, however, did a little bit different. Using corrosive chemicals, he discovered how iPhone 7 reacts to it. The result was shocking! Youtuber, TechRax, used not one, but two dangerous chemicals for his experiment. One of the chemicals was Fluoroantimonic Acid, the strongest acid in the planet. Fluoroantimonic Acid is also known as superacid, which is over 10 thousand quadrillion times stronger than sulfuric acid! After pouring crystals of Fluoroantimonic Acid on the iPhone 7, he followed the Sulfuric acid. What happened was staggering! Watch the video below. TechRax, has done tons of different videos pouring the most unexpected materials onto smartphones. This time, he shocked himself. Netizens had varying reactions to what TechRax did. Some people were surprised, some turned skeptics, while others were concerned about the proper disposal of the chemicals. I'd say, where does he get the iPhone 7s  he destroys? It's such a waste! What can you say about this video? Do you believe it? Share with us in the comments below!
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