Black Mirror Episode Comes To Life! Sony Contact Lenses Record What We See!

Admin | Published 2016-11-24 06:26
If you're a Netflix fan, you might have watched one Black Mirror episode titled, The Entire History Of You. In this episode, people can record and playback memories with the use of devices implanted in the eyes and the back of the ears. As might be expected with Black Mirror, this episode's story turns disturbing. We hope, Sony won't make the same mistake. Just recently, Sony has filed a patent for smart contact lenses that can record and playback life events captured by the eyes. According to Sony, the contact lenses can be controlled by blinking. It knows when we do involuntary blinks, and when we purposely close our eyes. Recording begins every time we do the latter. The lenses will use a process called electromagnetic induction for its power supply. How the lenses detect the activation command is because of its material called, piezoelectric sensors. This sensor transforms mechanical energy to electrical energy, thus initiating the recording.

Guess, we'll see you soon.

Sony's contact lenses will also be able to adjust blurry images and image frames by tilting the head. Recordings and images are stored in an application connected to the contact lens. The company also mentioned that there will be only one contact lens per purchase, so the person can still wear prescribed contact lens in the other eye in case the user needs. "Although the user normally wears a pair of contact lenses on his/her both eyes, the description has been made assuming that one contact lens 1 according to this embodiment is worn on one eye. In the case where a prescription lens for correcting visual sensation is the contact lens 1 having the image pickup function according to this embodiment, the user only needs to wear a usual prescription contact lens on the other eye. Further, by wearing the contact lenses 1 according to this embodiment on his/her both eyes, the user can simultaneously capture images of subjects existing in the respective gaze directions of right and left eyes with the use of the contact lenses 1," according to the filed patent. Though, the company's patent hasn't been tested, yet. It surely is a creation to look forward to in the future. Let's just cross our fingers, tragedies won't happen with its use. Such as, mishaps similar to that one unsettling Black Mirror episode. It haunted me for days!  
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