Panasonic's Laundry Robot Folds Clothes: Genius Or A Waste Of Time?

Admin | Published 2016-11-21 23:50
Panasonic invested $60M in a robot innovation called, Laundroid, which can wash and fold clothes. One of the robot's highlights is, it can fold a shirt in 10 minutes. Which, maybe the reason why some people thought it's 'ridiculous' and 'a waste of engineering talent'. [embed][/embed] Seven Dreamers, maker of Laundroid, spent more than a decade creating the product. They think this robot will be a great help in household, and will change the usual 'home life'. You can be skeptic, but wait until you hear their explanantion.

Looks like a usual home life to me

According to Seven Dreamers, an average person spends 9,000 hours, or 375 days within his lifetime doing his laundry including the folding part. Laundroid will help tons of people have extra time by lifting this task, which is, I can say a really tedious and time-consuming part of life. Not to mention, I would assume many of us hate folding clothes, including myself. AND I know no one who likes to doing the laundry, especially folding the clothes one by one. Laundroid uses artificial intelligence and image recognition to fold clothes. The device looks like a huge cabinet that has a window to a compartment where the clothes are placed. Laundroid will scan the item for a few minutes, and do the folding after the item is recognized. The product doesn't have a price, yet. However, it's expected to be available in the market next year. Panasonic only invested in 10% of the project. The other investor is Japan's Daiwa Housing.  
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