Unsettling Findings How Vape Harms Gums And Teeth

Admin | Published 2016-11-21 06:13
Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) or vapes are becoming more and more popular today, especially to the young generation. Vape trick competitions surge the underground e-cigarette communities, proving the fad as intensely contagious. Tons of tobacco smokers use vape instead because they thought e-cigarette is a healthier choice. In contrast to what most people know, electronic cigarettes are actually not harmless, and can even damage the membranes of the mouth. In a study conducted by Irfan Rahman's team at the University of Rochester in New York, it showed potential dangers of e-cigs to human health. One of their recent findings showed sustained inflammation in the cells of the mouth with long term vape use. The group performed experiments in the lab where they gathered mouth tissues and put it in a dish together with vape juices. The results confirmed that the juices affect the cells, where it induced inflammation. According to studies, the phenomenon only happened to vape juices containing flavors, and negative to plain ones. Experts say inflammation is a way that the body reacts when there are foreign materials introduced in the membranes of the mouth. Inflammation happens when the immune system sees a possible harm for the body. Inflammation is not a bad thing if it happens in a short while, however long term inflammation is something to worry about. Chronic inflammation in the mouth can lead to serious diseases. In fact, inflammation can be harmful to the bones and tissues of the mouth, and can result in tooth loss. Rahman's team also noticed DNA changes in the cells of the mouth with e-cig use. This means, there's a probability for cancer with long term use of vape. Though, the research team found significant results in their experiments, they said the studies are far from over.  
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