'Young Blood' of Human Rejuvenated Old Mice! Fountain of Youth Discovered?

Admin | Published 2016-11-16 15:39

The fountain of youth does not run water but blood. For these lab mice, that was proven true. Scientists are now able to prove that young blood has the ability to rejuvenate an older body, even that of a non-human like mice.

The researchers of a new study injected blood of 18-year old teenagers to 12-month old mice or a 50-year old mice in human years.

The mice received bi-weekly injections for three weeks. The scientists believed that the blood plasma is responsible for the rejuvenation. To compare how the injected mice would fare with younger mice and non-injected age group, the injected mice had behaved like the younger mice. They were running around like the younger mice. Evidence also proved that the injected mice's memories had improved. In the Barnes maze, the blood-injected mice were able to navigate the mice like young mice. The non-injected mice from the same age group did poorly in the maze. Jessica Hamzelou, one of the researchers said, "Young human plasma improves cognition. Their memory was preserved." Alkahest is the biopharmaceutical company that conducted the research. According to its founder Karoly Nikolich the rejuvenating properties of young blood are down to the different protein makeups of young and old plasma. She said that the proteins in young plasma rejuvenates tissues, the damaged and old plasma hastens cell deaths due to the increase of inflammatory, damaging proteins. That has been proven as well when the researchers looked at the brains of injected mice and the old mice. The result showed the the injected mice had greater newly formed neurons than those who did not receive the human young blood treatment. A study in 2014 of mice to mice young blood treatment provided similar results. This study by Alkahest has not yet undergone a peer review but it was already presented to the annual meeting of Society of Neuroscience.

"No no no. I need that young blood more than pizza!" - Master Splinter

  Source: ScienceAlert.com
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