Man Got Addicted to Radium Water He Died Radioactive! His Bones? Shocking!

Admin | Published 2016-11-13 14:19

This man got addicted to a radium-rich energy drink that it eventually killed him. He was so radioactive that he had to be enclosed in a lead-lined coffin so radiation released from his bones would be blocked.

Radium as we know is a highly radioactive material. Incorporating radium to any biochemical processes must be reconsidered because of its radioactivity and chemical reactivity. For some reason, in the 1920's an energy drink RadiThor manufactured by Bailey Radium Laboratories, Inc. was released to the market as patent medicine. It claimed to cure impotence.


It was said that RadiThor was simply radium dissolved in water. It was reported to be just a distilled water laced with one microcurie each of two isotopes of radium. Eben Byers, an industrialist from Pittsburgh, socialite and amateur golfer downed two to three bottles of RadiThor per day. He initially took it to heal a broken arm. But he soon got addicted to it afterwards. RadiThor was also considered expensive at that time. It was so expensive that only the rich would actually buy them. It was sold for $1 in the 1920's so around $15 each if sold today.

A news clipping on Eben Byers' radioactive death.

Byers died of radium poisoning in 1932. His bones were almost obliterated by radium. All the radium energy he ingested were incorporated into his bone tissues. He developed different kinds of bone diseases. A Wall Street Journal article said, "The Radium Water Worked Fine Until His Jaw Came Off". Up to this day, Byers' bones are still radioactive. His bones were exhumed by an MIT scientist, Robley Evans in 1965 to measure the amount of radium in his bones. According to a CNN article, "Radium has a half-life of 1,600 years, so Byers' bones would have had virtually the same amount of radium in them as they did on the day he died." Source: CNN
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